April 8, 2009

What is that FA doing?

There are many trips that I work where the only breaks you have in between flights let you take a few breaths, freshen up in the loo and plaster a smile on your face as the passengers come stolling onto your plane.
"Hi, Welcome aboard" I smile.
(And the usual response I hear back) "Oh, look how small this plane is. Charlie, did you know this plane was this small? Oh, Hi miss, can you tell me when we will be landing. This is so small."

I smile, nod, get waters, all while imagining the moments I myself get to leave the "small" aircraft for the day.

My last trip was again, in and out of LaGuardia. If you remember from my last post, there were storms in the NYC area the whole weekend.

So, when I hit somewhere warm and magical (like Charleston, SC) and it is sunny out- you can imagine my dismay at having a quick turn to head back to cold and rainy. I found myself standing (like I have seen so many other flight attendants) for our 5 minutes between flights, in the crack between the plane and the jet bridge.

I was trying desperately to get a few breathes of fresh air and a few rays of sunlight on my face.

A ramp agent caught me and I was given a few weird looks as I backed into my cave and smiling and nodding as he said those few words a flight attendant hates to hear...
"Ready to board?"

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