April 3, 2009

Weather channel

If you ask most Flight Attendants what they check the most before a trip, it will probably be the Weather Channel. We watch it before packing for a trip, in the hotel rooms in the morning and at the airport tv's during any breaks.
As Flight Attendants, weather in base, at our destination, or especially in route can really make or break your day. The last thing I wanted to see this morning as I checked the Weather on my computer was this...

Mind you I was scheduled to fly
Cincinnati to Birmingham
Birmingham to NYC LaGuardia Airport
LaGuardia back to Birmingham ending after midnight.
and with bad weather- double YUCK!

I thought my night was going to end very late tonight and I slowly checked my schedule for delays. Instead I saw that my second and third flight today were cancelled and a flight attendant who gets pay protected for cancelled flights is a happy flight attendant. (And that my friends, tonight, is me!)


Free Flying Mom... said...

Love..love...love those days: ) Good for you!

Free Flying Mom... said...

oops, my mom is visiting and is signed in on my computer...it's The flying pinto: )