April 21, 2009

I know its been a while but thats what you get when
A. Finals are soon May 5 and 7.
B. I move bases in May
C. I run the half marathon May 3rd.

A lot of stuff is happening and no, I still don't know where I am moving to. All of my roommates are moving to JFK in different months. May, June, July, October... all I know if Florida is out. It is now between NYC and DC.

A few updates, I flew over Easter (happy belated Easter everyone) and had almost a 4 hr sit in CVG. I normally hate long sits but my parents and brother met Geoff and myself at Cracker Barrel by the airport and not only did I get to have Easter brunch with the fam, but I also got my Easter basket. YAY!!!

My friend Leighanna and myself had CRAFT night! If you were not aware, headbands are in and we chose them as our accessory for Spring. We went a little craft crazy one night and after a long trip to Michael's and Meijer, we came out with some nifty headbands (also some ridiculous, a bottle of wine was the beverage for the evening).

I got an A on my last painting project and our final project is a painting of ourselves. Our Alter Ego. It could be anything we wanted it to be. Something creepy, dark, or light hearted and funny. I decided if I could be anyone else I would be a dancer in Vegas or the Moulin Rouge. Here is my photo inspiration.... I will let you know how it all turns out! :)


The Flying Pinto said...

Cute!! can't wait to see the painting! Sounds like your plate is full but in a good way! Good Luck figuring out where to move: )

Meekiyu said...

Ah... May is always busy, I also have finals all that jazz. Yes I can't wait to see that painting I love Moulin Rouge and Vegas was such an awesome trip. =D