March 12, 2009

Where do i live?

I will be posting my cruise on my long and boring Pittsburgh overnight tonight/tomorrow. Since I am about to drag my butt to the gym I thought I would ask everyones opinion.

The airlines I work for just announced that there is going to be a huge shift of where the majority of our flying is out of. My airline has always had it's main hub in Cincinnati Oh. This is how I found the airline and how I started flying since I am from Cincinnati. I was based for my first year in JFK in New York. It was a crazy and exhausting year but now they are moving a lot more of our flying there. Since I am near the bottom of all the Flight Attendants in Cincinnati I will be one of the first to be sent back to New York. Now, I could quit and find a job in Cincinnati- but I really dont want to do that. Commuting will be very hard since there are soooo many crews that are going to be displaced there and alot of our commuters are already out of NY. So, my friends and I have been throwing around the idea of moving.

Option 1- Move to New York. There are 5 of us so I'm not talking Manhattan, right out of Gossip Girl, or anything like that. Probably Queens or Howard Beach for the first year. This would be fun but very expensive and we would be in much tighter quarters that usual.

Option 2- Move to Ft. Lauderdale. Why is this an option? Well, we kinda all sat down and talked about where everyone would like to live. I would still be commuting but there are a lot more flights and a lot more airlines from FLL to JFK/LGA. We could get a cheaper place to live that is larger and by the beach. Why not make your home life as comfortable as possible if your work life is insane right? Thats the thinking here.

Any thoughts or helpful comments would be wonderful!

Oh- did I mention this is happening in May? Thats right. All leases up in April and base movement in May... so we are in a time crunch here too.


The Flying Pinto said...

Hmmmm, ya know it always something with our industry isn't it? That's a tough one but my opinion is NY. although FLL sounds good, I gotta remind you how much commuting sucks. I 'm definitely not living where I would prefer but when I have my 10 minute drive to the airport I thank my lucky stars...I commuted for about 8 years, trust me it gets old fast! Unless you're flying less than half the month I'd say...Have fun in NY: )

Meekiyu said...

Well since I live in NYC I am partial to NYC. It does cost quite a bit to live here but the commute is not so bad once you get into the swing of things the subway and buses aren't THAT BAD plus there's an unbelievable variety of food, shops and culture in the city. The only thing I would like in Florida is the weather... oh man warm warm weather... and palm trees... they are cool to have. Good luck. =D

Anonymous said...

As a regional FA commuter myself--move to the hub! My commute is a 3hr flight and it S-U-C-K-S! Commuting is THE most stressful part of the job. You lose so much sleep having to take the earliest flights for late shows and it's just not worth it. I plan on (one day in the distant future ) moving to the majors(when the industry is out of this slump) and when I do, I'm moving to the hub...Just my opinion.....I'm sorry you are in this position....I feel for ya! Good luck!!!!