March 4, 2009

a few I forgot!

Oh man, I must of been really busy last month because there were some photos I knew I wanted to post... :)

So backtrack to Valentines Day... Geoff and I were both working so we decided to celebrate a bit early on Thursday. I had class and in between classes I had a text that said I was scheduled for a 4pm massage. How nice?!?! What a surprise, I was so excited. I raced home to get ready and Geoff had also gotten me flowers and chocolate.
Now, I've never really been one for Valentine's Day- I've always thought it was a made up holiday so certain venues could make some mulah. I always appreciated and celebrated Single's Awareness Day instead. However, being in a relationship where we are both out of town a lot and extremely busy, it is really nice to have a set day to remember to appreciate each other. So, I may be bending just a bit! (Let's not forget the fact that we have date night once a month for kinda the same reason!)
Anyways, after I got back, verrry relaxed, we headed out to dinner for Japanesse fusion over in Mt. Lookout. The food was good, the wine was great and I had a nice evening! :)

As I mentioned before- the next weekend was Geoff's bday weekend. We both had the whole thing off work and school so we headed to Seattle! What I totally forgot was on the way home we were walking to our gate (which are always at the end of every terminal) and we passed by this totally amazing gate for American Airlines...

Who doesn't want to board into a castle with a knights watching over the entryway? I felt like they should have been flying right into Disney. How cool! I was way jealous when our gate was just a gate. A girl always dreams of being a princess! :)

Wish me (and my 7 friends) luck getting from Cincinnati all the way to Miami tomorrow. Fingers and toes are already crossed we make the flights! I'll be back with pictures from the cruise! Happy Weekend Everyone!

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