March 13, 2009

Spring Break already!!!

What is the best thing about being a part time student? Spring Break of course! I got my March schedule and for the 2nd time ever, I got a line. YAY for me. I switched around some trips and surprisingly Geoff, myself and 3 of our friends (who invited 5 other friends) all had days off together. Cruise prices were super cheap so thats where we headed.

Thursday after my class I headed straight to the airport to make my way to Miami. There's only one direct flight a day (it was long gone)- so we ended up flying Cincinnati to Knoxville to Atlanta to Miami. Long day but we got First class on the second two flights, which made it pretty nice. We got to Miami and into the hotel where we met a few of our friends.

Friday morning we headed to port, met up with everyone and boarded our Norweigian Cruise Ship. YAY!

We got on the boat and had lunch (Food was abundant the whole time) and then just explored the ship until we could check into the rooms.

My Pilot friends

After checking into our rooms and having a practice evacuation, we set sail for the Bahama's!

Passing South Beach (we think) and then saw a killer sunset.

That evening before dinner we decided to have a pre dinner cocktail. (To try and save some money everyone decided it was a good idea to sneak some mixers on board- thats what you get hanging out with pilots. Cheap pilot jokes coming later!) Fitting all 10 people in our small rooms was actually not bad!

That night we hit the casino and then night club on the boat where we made a ton more friends dancing our butts off. It was so fun!

The next day, we had a stop in Nassau so we got off the boat a bit before heading back and laying out for the remainder of the sun.

That night we went to a Pub Crawl. You went to 5 bars, sang karaoke, had a few silly games- all in all it was a super fun time and we met a lot of fun people! With the time change, our night ended around 5:30am.

The next day we stopped at our own secluded island for the ship. It was amazingly pretty and the weather was perfect!

Last night on the boat. We decided to forgo the formal dinner and hit up the buffet to add more time to hang out with everyone.

After exiting the boat, exhausted and a little more tan, we headed to the airport to try and get home. Our flight to Atlanta was late because of a mechanical but it meant that all passengers were rebooked and all 80 non revs (yup for sure) made it on the flight. Nice! We ran to catch our flight to Memphis (barely making that) and had no trouble on the flight back to Cincinnati.

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