March 15, 2009

DC overnight

The best thing about being a Flight Attendant is when you get a trip with some really good overnights. (I wish I could say I have some cool international destination to tell you about but thats for those on the big planes...) I picked up a trip with a long enough DC overnight. YAY!
What's even better is when your boyfriend comes to meet you in DC to take you out to lunch in Chinatown! I was super excited to find out the evening before that Geoff was going to meet me in DC and then be a passenger on my flight home to Cincy!

Lucky for us, DC is super easy to get around. You can catch the Metro right from DCA into the city in only a few minutes time.

The Gate into Chinatown. China town is kinda small- well compared to NYC, but it was easy to find on the map!

The reason Geoff flew all the way to DC... well, I guess it was to see me but... DIM SUM! (Ok, not as good as Seattle but better than Cincy/KY.

Next we walked around for a bit to digest our yummies. We checked out what Urban Outfitters had and I fell in love with this glass, I have to go back and get one! Hehe!

We got some Starbucks, some bake goods and some Veitnamese subs and headed back to the hotel.

I wish I had fun visitors on all my trips! :)


Meekiyu said...

Mmm nothing like Chinatown in NYC.. dim sum, moustache glass, viet sandwich and coffee? Sounds like a great day to me. Glad you had such a great day. =D

Katie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Kerri said...

Such a fun pic with the mustache glass! I wish I had the "eye" to catch things like that!