September 2, 2008

Family Vacation Part Duo

When we left off, we were in Cooperstown for our second day. We awoke early and headed back into town to hit up the famous
Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a long day full of baseball as we toured all the levels. If you enjoy the sport and haven't been here, its a pretty neat place to check out.
Here is all of us out in front.

Here are my favorite photos from inside. :)

Growing up, my favorite player was Nolan Ryan so I love seeing his plaque on the wall... He's so cool.

My grandma, the one who Hates her photo to be taken, actually posed for me and let me take her photo. I was so shocked and amused, I almost fell over.

Here is the first night game in baseball history, played right here in Cincinnati!
After walking around the Hall of Fame all day long, we were all pretty tired, so we headed back to the hotel and watched some of the Olympics. The next day we hit up all the cute shops on the main street and just enjoyed the day.

I loved seeing all of the baseball teams who had come out for a peek at the Hall of Fame.

We headed back down by the lake in the evening for dessert. There was a cute little concert going on in the park by the lake. Kyle kept saying that he was going to be a yacht owner in a few years. Hope he's right, I think it would be fun. We had a relaxing day before we got back in the car the next morning to drive on over to Gettysburg PA... but thats a whole other story!

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