September 5, 2008

Family Vacation Part 3- into battle!

After a fun few days in NY, we packed up the van yet again and set off to Gettysburg, PA. Things in the car were normal, Kyle and I were in the back listening to our ipods, granny and aunt Onie were yelling at each other because neither can hear well and mom and dad were in the front, that is until all the sudden our front tire blew. My dad pulled over quickly since we were on the highway and we called AAA.
Here was our tire.

Dad and kyle took out all the luggage to pull out the donut, the AAA guy came and couldn't get the blown tire off, so we put back in the luggage, he got it off so out it came again. We got the donut on, got directions to get a new tire and off he drove. Less than 2 miles down the road, the donut goes flat. So back he came. He couldn't leave us on the highway road and we couldn't all squeeze in the truck with him so he pulled the whole van- with all of us in it on the back of his tow truck bed. It was quite the ride on over.

While we waited patiently for our tires to be changed, we hung out at the coffee shop next door. Luckily they had little chicken sandwiches for us along with some good coffee drinks. The owner was such a nice lady and didn't mind us sitting in her coffee shop for a few hours while we waited...

Finally after a few hours we got the call that our car was all done. So we headed back next door, reloaded the car full of luggage and off we went, finally getting out of the state of New York.

We finally made it to Gettysburg and settled into the hotel. For the next two days, we would tour the battle grounds, shop, eat and drive around town. We started off by checking out the new visitor center. We had a private 2 hour tour with a guide who drove us around in our van (perfect for the oldies with us since they couldn't really walk it all). It amazed me how big the area was, and how many monuments there were.

Mom, Dad, Kyle and I all wanted to walk Pickett's Charge so on the second day we did just that.

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There were a few big towers that you could climb to look out over all the land we were driving around, it was really cool to see it all come together and know where people attacked from. It helped to have dad, the expert, with us to answer any questions.

Next we headed on over to the lookout over the Valley of Death. I could not imagine watching people die trying to overtake this hill. Unbelievable.

That night, Mom and Dad had reservations for this restaurant where we were served food that people would have eaten back in the Civil War Days. It was a pretty neat place for dinner and the soup bread, or whatever it was called, was super yummy!

The only thing we didn't do that I would of liked to is the night ghost tour. Maybe next time!
We had one more stop on this crazy vacation, so once again we all got into the van and headed off to Pittsburgh! My dad, being the Steelers fan that he now is (jumping on and off bandwagons for years...) wanted to get a Rothlisburger burger before getting tickets to the Pirates vs Mets Baseball Game.

After a close call of almost not being able to get tickets (I thought we had learned our lesson on prior family trips to book things in advance) we were in the stadium!

The next morning Dad and I got up early and he dropped me off at the Pittsburgh airport so I could catch the early flight home to make it in to work that day. I was on a small break in JFK's airport before my last flight when I got a message about the drive home. Apparently when we got the tire changed, it became loose in all of our driving- outside of Dayton OH, the whole wheel, tire and all came off the car and rolled across the highway. Dad was able to pull it over and no one was hurt besides our car. Maybe it had had enough of all the yelling and too wanted to be home... Whatever the reason, it was a fitting ending to our crazy vacation, but one that I was happy to miss!

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