August 7, 2008

4 Day Trips

I have been working a lot lately... really... a lot! The trip I just ended was a breath of fresh air. I actually had a decent amount of sleep every night, I was on the 70 seater, good crew. Only downfall was having the NYC to West Palm Beach flight and back. What happens to these people when they enter my plane I will never know.
Our Captain was amazing to fly with, he brought props with him- my favorite being the Easy Button in the cockpit I got to press everytime I brought them anything.

What shocks me most when I am working, are the things people leave on the plane for us to find. I have found dirty diapers under the seat, Wallets, Cell phones, Bags, Coats, Books, Bose Headphone and Ipod, a Computer case and tons of newspapers, food and drinks. I was however unprepared to being checking the cabin after one of our flights and find a half wedge of a shoe.

I was sad to realize that I missed seeing the person who left us this present hobbling off the plane in search of new shoes. We do have a trash bin on board the plane that we love to fill before landing just in case you all were wondering...

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