August 1, 2008

Seattle trip

So Geoff and I trekked out to Seattle this past month to visit with his brother Joe and his wife Millie. They were so nice and welcoming from the moment I met them. We did a lot in the few days were were there...
First place they took us was the park over by the beach for a few photo ops of the city.

After this we headed to an all you can eat Japanese restaurant, and boy did we eat! On the drive home, we stopped at another small park on one of Seattle's 7 hills for a great view of the city.

Day 2, we were up pretty early to catch a ride with Joe on his way to work. He dropped us back at the beach to catch the Water Taxi across to downtown.

Heading across the water was a bit chilly in the morning and I was very glad I packed a scarf.

We headed straight to the Pike's Place Market! Here is the famous entrance to it. It was very fun to walk around, watch the guys try to sell fresh fish- yelling and throwing them around, sample the fruits and check out the flowers, little knick knacks and art work. If I lived in Seattle, I would come to the Market every week!

Afterwards we were ready for breakfast and our morning cup of joe! We headed straight to Starbucks... this is the original!!!

We waited in line, and I was stoked to see that they still use the old expresso machine here... so old school and soooo good!!! The best Carmel Machiatto I've had in a long time (since I made mine myself). I also got my City Mug for my collection.

And of course, we had to be nerds... (no explanation needed, right?)

We stopped at this little store for breakfast... you could them make everything from the window. So good!

Next stop was the Underground Tour. This was a pretty hip tour because it gave us history about the city of Seattle. It was a pretty crazy story! Apparently after the big fire, they rebuilt the city in two ways, those who rebuilt the buildings did so immediately while the city took the dirt from the hill and leveled it out so they weren't building the sideways on muddy mush. So what happened was the sidewalks were built above the ground level of the buildings (up to 30 feet depending on how much dirt they added to level it out). So, for a while, there put up ladders to climb up and down from the sidewalks to the first floor... Can you imagine trying to buy groceries with a kid? Or climbing up a ladder after the bar? Hehe. Eventually they were covered up, now entering buildings on the 2nd floor, hence the Underground.
I highly recommend this tour on your first visit to Seattle.

After the tour was over and we came back outside, we decided it was time for some Pho! Yum. We walked a block over and chowed down. Here was the aftermath of it all...

Of course before we left we had to get some Bubble Tea as well.

We walked back on by the market to meet Joe and Millie for dinner.

Day 3: Was filled with a lot of eating, a lot of shopping, searching for the new iphone and a much needed nap. Here is the view from the parking garage in the mall, why don't we have views like this in Ohio?

It was a wonderful and tasteful trip to Seattle!
(FYI- When I returned, my portions were out of control from all the all you can eats... I had to do some serious portion control to fit back into my work pants... hehe)

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