August 4, 2015

Quinn- 6 months old

Well here we are. Half a year has passed since Quinn joined our family. Unbelievable! It feels equally as crazy that it's been 6 months since she arrived as it does that she has only been here 6 months. It is so hard to imagine life before she was with us.
6 months has been good. Sleep is going better and we are usually up once or more likely twice a night. She's given us a good, long stretch one night (2-9am... Which I slept all 7 glorious hours as well) which was amazing and such a tease. I can't complain after what we went through around 4 months. That was rough!
Last month I chatted about her naps in the swing... Well we have now transitioned out of the sleepsuit and she takes 2 naps a day in the crib. Sometimes we get a third short cat nap in the evening but not always. If we are out and about she will fall asleep when I wear her but it's never as good a nap as when we are home.
So far, Quinn is showing all the signs for teething but has no teeth. I'm pretty sure I look in her mouth everyday to see if any are there yet. Lol. She chews on pretty much any and everything (just like Logan) and especially loves to put her whole foot in her mouth.

We gave her a few bites of food right before her 6 month check up and she loved it! Wanted to hold and chew on the spoon. She would cry whenever we would take it away! I don't do cereals and just jump right into fruits and veggies. I briefly thought of doing baby led weaning and then got out the blender and started pureeing things up. Lol! I love freezing cubes in the Oxo trays so I can quickly mix up different combinations. She makes the funniest faces while eating which makes this stage oh so fun!
At this point Logan was crawling around, always on the move. So far Quinn is just rolling but she will do this cute shimmy on her back to get to things! It's really funny to watch. She's a little more calm than Logan which gives me hope I won't have to split myself in two to run after them both.
Other than that she loves the water still and has hung out with us a few times when we hit up the beach for the entire day. We were also hanging out in the backyard one hot afternoon watching Logan play in the water table. Before I knew what was happening, he said he wanted to play with Baby Quinn and dumped a cup full of cold water onto her face. I thought she was going to cry but instead just shook it off and continued to kick and coo. She's one tough little cookie! ;)

She's 16 lbs 8oz of cuteness and I feel like the fun is just beginning! Half way to a year and I just know it's going to fly by.

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