August 17, 2015

Logan 2 and a half

I haven't done a post on Logan in forever. We've had a lot going on and I just didn't have it in me to sit down at the computer at the end of my pregnancy and then at the beginning of the year with a newborn.
 To say Logan has changed since my last update would be quite the understatement. These first few years of a childs life are really amazing. I've watched my newborn turn into a baby and my baby turn into a toddler. It feels like it happened overnight.
At 2 1/2 Logan has pretty much lost all of his baby fat. He's running wild 24/7 and this boy is fast! He is in and out of picky eating stages which doesn't help us try and get some more meat on his skinny bones. When he eats... he loves cheese, yogurt, smoothies, almond milk, applesauce, cashews, raisins, hot dogs with ketchup, grilled cheese, meatballs and quesadillas. Also, the roasted pepper and tomato soup from Trader Joes with parm cheese on top. Meats are hit or miss, veggies depend on his mood but luckily fruits are usually good to go! I try not to make it too much of a battle. I offer healthy foods for him and trust that he will eat when he is hungry and he wont when he is not.
At the beginning of the summer, I would have written that he was pretty timid with the playground equipment. He loves swings (always have) and likes to run all around but he would not go down the slides. Well it took one day of sliding down with his buddies and overnight he turned into a climber. Climbing the ladders at the park, sliding down the tallest slides and then bringing it home and climbing right out of his crib. Womp womp. Transition was rocky, which based on his personality- I totally expected. Nights were fine but naps were our battle ground. This kid is on the go all day long and stopping for a nap is never his idea of fun. It took a few weeks for us all to get used to our new normal and while he still fights us on naps every once in a while… things are much better.
The day he climbed out of his crib, we also started potty training. I was not ready for it at all! He decided it was time and so after nap, we packed away the diapers and headed to target for underwear, pull ups, treats and stickers. I had imagined easing into potty training and making some fun sticker charts together. Instead, I found a few Thomas charts off Pinterest and up on the wall they went. It took a day or two for him to really get the hang of it but all in all, it was a much easier transition than I imagined.

One of the most amazing things to watch develop this year has been his communication skills. At two, Logan had a lot of words and could communicate partial thoughts to us.  A few months later and those thoughts expanded. Now, we get full sentences and complete thoughts. 'Eat apple' became 'I want to eat an apple'. It blows my mind to see the things that he remembers from days, weeks and even months ago. It also equally blows my mind the things he tells us when he is in imaginative play. He is a dinosaur one day boom boom booming around and we are deep sea diving the next… swimming from sharks and seeing sea turtles.
Other than that, Logan is becoming such a fun and loving kid. He hugs his friends and tells me when he misses them. He loves Quinn and always wants to hold and hug her. The few times she has been crying in the car and he has one of our phones- he will turn off his show and turn on the white noise for her. He rubs my back and shoulders for me, kisses my boo-boos and when he tells me that he loves me it just melts my heart!
This age is not without a little stress though (like every stage of life). Tantrums happen- usually out of hunger or skipping a nap. He is starting to get a temper and yelling when he can't figure something out and gets frustrated. And sometimes he just won't sit still and it bugs the life out of me. However, we have more fun together than ever and I would say that the good times we have Heavily out weigh the tough moments.

We've done a lot this summer and still have a bit more fun to go until I'm ready to admit fall is creeping near. (It's still my favorite time of year but this summer has been amazing and I'm not ready for it to be ending). We have to hit up the pool a few more times to practice what we learned in swim lessons… we need a few more beach days and many many more messy popsicle faces!

I love this little guy so much. His personality is really coming out and I feel lucky to spend my days with him.

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