August 20, 2014

Summer fun with Happy Family

Hello August... where did you come from? Anyone else out there feel like summer is whipping by us at an alarming rate? A few of my teacher friends are headed back to school and the kids will soon all follow. Unbelievable!!!

I hope you all have been enjoying summer as much as we have been up here in the northeast. After last years winter- I am holding onto the warmer weather with both hands. June and July were kind of lost months for me as I spent the majority of them sick. I am finally beginning to feel like myself again and trying to cram all of what we haven't done yet into August. :) With lots of beach days, friends and family that have come to visit... I feel like this month I haven't had time to even sit down.

I want to recap a little of the fun we've been having and have a few exciting posts coming up but I don't want to bore you all with all I've missed to blog about in my absence! ;) I promise to keep them brief!

*i received a product to facilitate this review. all opinions are my own. *

Anyways, It is no secret that we are fans of the Happy Family Brand! When Logan first started eating solid foods last summer, I was so so excited for him. I vowed to make all his food and had a blast steaming, pureeing and mixing flavors to see what he liked and didn't like. I was so proud of myself until we planned a trip for two weeks to Seattle to visit family. There was no way I was going to be able to make all of his food for the trip. So, I started to do a little research on companies that make organic baby food and ended up choosing the Happy Family brand. (Besides the pouches with meat in them, Logan has always gobbled them down.) We tried the Plum Organics World Baby series as well since I was excited about the ethnic flavors... and those were not a hit with Logan or myself. (Yes I am that mom that tries all her kids pouches to make sure they taste fine.) So, we went back to Happy Family and never looked back.
(Throwback photos of last summer... look how small my baby is, sniff...)

Fast forward to this summer and Happy Family was gracious enough to send us two flavors of their Happy Child Super Nutrition Shake to try out! I was so excited to receive our box in the mail and Logan was super excited to pull everything out once I opened it up! See those little baby toes ready to pounce...
 From the Happy Family Website
"Our Super Nutrition Shakes provide organic nutritional support to help kids grow. Each shake contains 8 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 21 vitamins and minerals, helping to balance out a picky toddler's uneven diet. Available in two delicious flavors and easy to take on-the-go, our shakes are sure to please any picky eater and give mom some peace of mind!"
I've found that when we are out, in the heat of summer for the day- it's hard to get Logan to eat and drink. I've pretty much stopped carrying milk with us because it just goes bad before he drinks it. If it isn't a snack food or fruit then more times than not, Logan doesn't touch it. Even peanut butter and jelly is hit or miss. At home he eats meals and drinks his milk just fine so it has never worried me too much. I was excited for us to try these shakes out since they have a little bit more flavor than plain milk.
Verdict? Logan loved the shakes. We have had a few long days where we have been out from morning until evening. These days I packed a ton of food to bring with us since I wanted to make sure Logan would eat something. I froze two pouches and rubber banded them around one of the shakes, which helped keep it cold until lunch. We had no problem with Logan devouring each of the shakes. I couldn't tell which he liked better but I think I lean towards the chocolate. We will definitely be purchasing these again for days when we need something a little more than milk. We absolutely love the Happy Family Brand in our household and I always feel good giving Logan their nutritious and organic snacks and shakes.
We find all of our Happy Family foods at our local Target!

(and just check out how happy my little boy is playing in all the packaging... haha)

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