April 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

Hi guys! It's nap time over here in my house, so I thought I would quickly pop in to say hello while the little one snoozes upstairs.

We are officially in Spring mode today with temperatures in the high 60's/low 70's. It's windy but beautiful and we have already spent the morning outside walking with friends and having a picnic. :)
Even though tomorrow calls for Rain, I am still super excited for the warmer weather and all the walks, picnics and playing outside that is to come. 

This past Saturday, we woke up to a sun shining, beautiful afternoon. We made breakfast and got ready to take a walk to the local playground that is up the street from us. We've given Logan a little taste of freedom (walking out the garage door and down the driveway to get the mail with us) so now, anytime he hears a door open he wants to go outside and run around. While this is really cute, it has lead to a few breakdowns and lots of tears when we aren't actually heading out. Toddler tantrums are so sad.
Once we got him into the stroller and headed out, he was as happy as could be. We ran around and explored the playground, hit up the swings and attempted to not get run over by all the larger kids running around. I feel like my baby is so so big and then I take him out and realize how small he still actually is.
Once we had our fill, we started to head home. We made a small stop at the tennis courts to let Logan get out a little more energy. He ran all over the courts and then stopped to watch a few girls hitting the balls around.
After we got home, it was time for Logan's nap and I got ready to head to work. I flew from Boston to Fort Meyers, Fl and back, landing around 12:30 in the morning. I tend to work this same trip over and over again since it gives me the most time at home during the morning.

Sunday, I groggily got out of bed and quickly showered so we could head out to one of Logan's friends FIRST birthday party. I love the friends I have made here in NH and loooooove all their babies as well. There is nothing better than celebrating a child's first year of life! I snapped a few photos of the cake smash for them (I also took their family photos in the fall).

 Isn't he just too cute?

Later that night, I actually left Logan with Geoff and went to dinner with a few of my girlfriends. We stayed out late (9pm, haha) and chatted about lots of mom and girl stuff. It was such a fun and refreshing weekend! 

So now it's Monday, Geoff is at work and I am working on our Weekly Meal Plan (a day late... whoops)

I know a few blogs who have a weekly meal plan link up and I was playing around with the idea of joining in and sharing a few of our favorite recipes. That's if I can get organized enough to pop them up on the blog each week.

So- if you are interested... here is what we are eating!

Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- Crock pot Lasagna
Wednesday- Steak, baked potato & sauteed kale
Thursday- Taco night
Friday- Chicken drumsticks, quinoa and veggies
Saturday- Birthday party grill out
Sunday- out to eat

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