April 19, 2014

Baby Model!

Back in November, we went to a Photo shoot for Sippy Cups for the company The First Years. Pretty much we were just in it for the experience and to be able to say our baby is a baby model. :) I didn't want to have any expectations in case Logan wasn't feeling it that day. However, surrounded by women who were paying attention to him, he was quite the little ham. It was so much fun, he got a small paycheck (which is going towards his education fund) and that was that.

Fast forward to this past week when I got an email telling me that Logan's photo made the website! Woo hoo! He is on the home page and on the sippy cup page for the Disney Cars cups!

Feel free to pop over and check it out! :)
(the photos rotate through a few!)

The First Years

The First Years Sippy Cups

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