November 8, 2013

Things we are loving

I think I did a post like this when Logan was a tiny little newborn so I thought I would recap what we are loving now that he is almost 10 months old! :)
(I figure this will help me again whenever we have baby #2 over here... which will not be anytime too soon!) Kinda wishing I did this with the monthly updates since his likes/dislikes change so often and I can hardly remember what last week looked like- let alone last month!  :)

Here's our favorites right now:

-My Busy Town-
We ordered this off Zulily and I couldn't be happier with this purchase! You never know with baby toys if kids will like something or not. This one has held Logan's attention since we got it. He loves to pull up and stand with it, will play with the bead maze on the top and opens and closes the doors on one side of the square. He hasn't been too interested in the three other sides yet but it has been enough to consider this a favorite toy for all of us.

-Rubber Ducks-
We have a few full sized rubber ducks, a set of small ones and a set of small frogs as well. We started out with these as bath toys and when we would have our water activities outside this past summer. We soon realized that the small ducks and frogs were great teething toys. Logan would take them, put them in his mouth and crawl all around the apartment and house with them. So, we've started to bring at least one of them in our diaper bag at all times. :) He wont take a paci but he will take a duck or frog... ok then! 

-4moms Mamaroo -
We started out with a Snug-a-bunny swing from Fischer Price, which was great. Then, we were lucky enough to WIN a Mamaroo from 4moms. This swing is amazing. Months ago, he stopped napping in the Snug-a-bunny and we tried him in the Mamaroo and he was out like a light. To be honest,  Logan still takes one of his two naps (most days) in this swing. We haven't hit the weight limit yet and he calms almost immediately when we put him in it, so we are going with it. I'll eventually transition him into both naps in the crib.

-Boon Flair Highchair-
Our friends have this highchair and Geoff loved the look of it when we were at their house. I was torn between this and an OXO one but we ended up with the Boon chair. I was a little scared of a white chair, but it's made of some amazing material that doesn't stain. Even after we let Logan go crazy with Spaghetti, it came out looking new. It rolls around our hard wood floors, is super easy to clean and the tray is easily handled with one hand. WIN! I am very happy with this purchase after all.

-Little People Farm-
I wrote about Logan's love for opening and closing things.... this toy is amazing. It has a bunch of cute little farm animals (and a farmer) to play with and when you swing open the doors, it makes the sound of the animal that goes there. We hear moo's neighs and oinks all day long. 

-B. One Two Squeeze Blocks-
I originally wanted wooden blocks to stack and knock over. I was reading a few reviews of block sets and someone wrote about these that they were nice and soft for babies to play with, chew on and when they got older and started throwing them, they were soft enough to get hit in the head. Enough reason for me, I was sold.

-Boba and Ergo Carriers-
I love baby wearing and we are still going strong with both the Boba and Ergo. Luckily for me, I have a baby that loves to snuggle and even a husband who enjoys wearing Logan as well. 

-Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings-
I was looking for one of these that was not plastic. Nothing against plastic since many many toys are made of the stuff but I like to give Logan some variety of textures in his different toys to play with. These are just what I was looking for. Well made, soft, some crinkle and some rattle. They can be easily taken off (which he does) and easily put back on (my job). 

-Tranquil Turtle-
I was super excited for this turtle when Logan was born. It lights up the ceiling and walls with a lovely wave pattern and plays waves crashing to the shore to fall asleep to. Logan could have cared less, he was instantly calmed by white noise instead. Ever since moving into the house, I turn on the turtle when we put him in his crib at night. I think the lights stay on for around 20 minutes. If he happens to still be awake (playing in his crib) when the lights shut off, I always know. Wailing alerts me and I take off for his room to give him a little hug, kiss and turn it back on for him. I've never had to go in twice. I love that it's his night light but it is not something that stays on all night long.

That's what we are loving over here!

We are now starting to think about gifts for Logan's first birthday (gulp) and Christmas... any good ideas for a one year old???

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