May 18, 2013

Sweaty Bands

We have now hit 5 months since having Logan. I've been working on my weight, exercising and tweaking my diet for a few weeks now. During pregnancy, I couldn't wait to have my body back to being just mine and not a home for my little growing baby. I pictured fitting into my clothes, styling my hair and having lots of cute family photos that I was proud to post all over the place.

Hello reality! After giving birth... I got my body back but this body is not the one I used to know.

Around 3 months after birth, most women go through a stage of postpartum hair loss. Yup, that is right. HAIR LOSS. I'm not talking a few strands... I am talking chunks of hair. It's insane. Like everything else, I read about it and thought I was prepared for it. Nope. Not so much. I've clogged our sink and tub drains and we vacuum three times as often.

So, my clothes don't fit right, my hair is falling out and all I want to do is look nice while I workout to try and feel good again. What is a girl to do?

Well- I know one thing that has been helping me- Sweaty Bands!
I have an oval shaped head and my bangs have been forever falling in my face during all sorts of workouts. I have tried all the drugstore headbands to hold my hair in place during workouts... the thick and thin, they last about 5 minutes and fly off the back of my head. I knew I needed something that would actually stay in place, keep my hair back (and those strands out of my face) and "hide" what I feel like is a thinning head of hair.
I received two Sweaty Bands in the mail and immediately put one on. I decided to test it out during my Insanity workout since it's all about jumping all over the place. 45 minute workout later and the headband was still in place- right where it started. YES!

Cute- check
Functional- double check
What is even better is this is a company from my hometown Cincinnati, Ohio. Even though I don't live there anymore, I still love supporting local companies! 

Seriously these bands not only hold your hair back but they are also cute! At around $15 for a narrow or $18 for a wide band, they are not the cheapest out there but they are the first bands I have tried that actually do what they are meant to do.
The bands have a bit of elastic in the back that fits snugly around your head and is mostly hidden by a ponytail. The back of the fabric has an almost a velvety fuzzy feel which makes it stay in place and absorb sweat. Speaking of sweat, you have to hand wash these cute bands... but I'd rather spend a little more and take care of something if it is good quality- so not a big deal to me.
There are many designs to choose from and they also make custom bands as well. (They had Boston strong bands that they were selling at the race expo for the Flying Pig- also available here).

I've been wearing my Sweaty Bands for over two weeks now during everyone of my workouts and I can honestly say that I love these bands! They are even great for a bad hair day when I'm out running errands!

You can check out Sweaty Bands on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

*This product was received for review, no other compensation was provided. All views expressed are honest and my own! :)


Jes said...

I have the same problem. I may have to check these out. I also get headaches if they're too tight...did you have that problem at all?

Fly The Friendly Skies said...

You definitely should! I love them. No headaches yet but I noticed that the skinnier one was a little tighter on my head so I would recommend one of the wider ones. Still stays put and a little looser. :)