May 1, 2013

Pemuteran, Bali

We had hired a driver to take us from Ubud to Pemuteran and left after breakfast in the late morning. It looked simple enough on the map but little did we know that Bali doesn't really have highways like here in the States. We traveled winding roads, up into the hills and back down again taking us around 4+ hours. We stopped for lunch and had some amazing views of the rice fields and scenery along the way!

After a long afternoon of driving, we arrived at our hotel. We checked in and were taken on a long walk through the grounds to our little villa. We stayed at Adi Assri Beach Resort and Spa and since we told them it was our honeymoon, they put us very close to the water. I loved how we had the water in front of us and the mountains behind- it was very beautiful!

When I was doing all my research, I picked Pemuteran because I thought it would be a good contrast to Ubud and Sanur which are larger towns and more touristy. I figured that we could have some real R&R with little distractions and boy, was I right. There wasn't a lot to do besides relax, lay by the pool and walk along the beach. I'm going to post a few photos but the sunsets were out of this world- seriously some of the prettiest I have ever seen!

The hotel was right on the beach and had 2 swimming pools, a restaurant, bar and massage tent. The beach was nice with soft black sand! They had a few computers up front with slow slow internet... enough to take a few minutes to email home but we didn't need anything more than that.

A walk along the main road took us to a few shops, restaurants and cafes. Our hotel restaurant was decent but a ten minute walk down the road led to very good food at a fraction of the price. :) We ate at this particular Warung everyday for lunch and once for dinner. So good! We loved that they had coconuts to drink... yum!

Our time here consisted of a lot of reading books by the pool, walks on the beach, eating, napping, a massage and watching the sunset. It was amazingly relaxing with little distractions. I had scheduled the least amount of time here, hoping we wouldn't get bored. I was so relaxed after our stay that I was sad to leave.

next update... onto to Sanur!

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