May 23, 2013

Ellie Workout Clothes

Since I've been talking a lot about working out- lets talk about some workout clothes.

So confession- I love Lululemon. I know a lot of people love their stuff and a lot of people hate the overpriced, cult like obsession with it. I know it costs a lot but the running and yoga pieces that I have been wearing for a few years have held up so well and look just like new. After going through a lot of cheaper stuff over the years, I appreciate paying a little more for nice things. (Plus it is less costly on the environment to have fewer things for longer, which is more and more important to me as I get older.)

The same manufacturer that makes Lululemon clothes, also makes workout clothes for Ellie.

They have a similar look to their style and cost less.
Each month they come out with a new collection of workout clothes.
You can either buy the clothes straight off their website or sign up for a monthly membership where you get 2 pieces each month for $49.99. There are no sign up fees, you get free shipping and you can cancel at any time.

Right now I can fit into the majority of my workout clothes but most of them are too tight to comfortably go out into public in... so I was looking for some new clothes a size up that wouldn't break the bank.

I was super excited when Ellie sent me 2 pieces from their Love, Ellie collection for review.
I chose a bright pink "Tempt Me" tank and dark gray "My new obsession leggings".
The top is pretty long and stretchy, has wonderful ruching to help hide a little tummy action and these mesh strips that go up the front and back which make it a little more stylish than a plain tank. Plus, lets be honest here... I love me some hot pink!
The only thing I don't like about it is that I picked Logan up out of his jumperoo after working out I snagged it pretty easily.

The leggings are great. I was worried about not getting black but I wanted something a little different from things I already own. They dark gray is really pretty and it has a slimming pattern on it. I wore these through many Insanity videos, they have stayed put and are very comfortable.

This month they have the Cosmic Love line which I think might be my favorite line yet. :)
If you are looking for some new workout clothes, you can sign up and Save 20% on Ellie!

(just an fyi- this is an affiliate link)

20 percent of Ellie

*This product was received for review and no compensation was received to write this review. All views expressed are honest and my own! :)


Gfitusa said...

Workout clothes help you to prepare to work up a sweat in the gym or at home. The most obvious benefits of wearing form-fitting workout clothes is that it is easier to track weight loss when you start out wearing clothes that hug your body.Thanks!!!!!

Jordan said...

I am simply joining the gym again after some years! ( I typically work out at home) And I fixated on what to wear!! lol So senseless... I love workout clothing though...and have a bundle. Now I need to put them to use!! ;)