May 11, 2013

5 months

**First of all, I want to wish all of my Mom readers (both children and pets) a Happy Mother's Day!!! :) Hope you get a nice massage, a full nights sleep and a new outfit... or at least 5 minutes to snooze in bed. haha. **

 Boy, oh boy! I can not believe my little nugget is 5 months old already. It's crazy that I start out each month exclaiming how fast it went and how big my little boy is... but it's amazing how quickly babies grow! When I see a Mom with a newborn it is actually hard for me to remember Logan that little.
At our 4 month appointment, Logan weighed in at 14lbs 10oz and 25 inches long!
He also had his 4 month shots... and despite getting really mad at being held down and getting stabbed by needles in the legs, he really didn't have any reaction to the shots besides to sleep really good that night.

Let's talk sleep... so I already chatted about how we switched to the Magic Sleepsuit (still loving it).
Apparently there is a magical thing at 4 months where your baby stops sleeping so easily. From what I have read, when they are working on something new developmentally (like rolling over) that can cause a disturbance in their sleep. Good thing we have now mastered that skill and hopefully that extra night wakings at 4 months are a distant memory this month. ;)

 Remember when I thought my baby was teething? Well it turns out that he was! He now has 2 teeth and a fun little banana toothbrush which he loves to chew on. We are very proud that we have instilled good teeth habits at such an early age. We will see what happens when he realizes whats really going on. :)

Other than that, this month has been full of new developments and boy, are we having fun! We get smiles everyday and cute little laughs more and more. We've taken day trips to Boston and Portsmouth, NH and lots of walks through the parks around us. Logan and I attend a Mom's Group once a week so he can get used to being around other people and I can have some time talking with adults when Geoff is flying! :)
Logan has a really strong grip and will try and bring anything he gets his hands on to his mouth. I've been letting him touch lots of things around the house to experience different textures and feels. I accidentally let his grab onto a straw for my smoothie one day and when I took it away he got so sad and cried Big Fat Tears. It was the first time that I saw him realize that he couldn't have something he wanted.... oh man did I feel bad! :(

He also does this really funny thing when he is laying down. He pulls his head up when he wants to see whats going on... it looks like he's doing a crunch. The pediatrician thought it was hysterical because he does it ALL day long! I think he is either trying to sit up or working on his Baby 6-pack Abs.

He now rolls over all the time. His favorite is from back to tummy and will play until he's tired and then yell for one of us to roll him back onto his back. He not only found his feet, but he realized that they are just as fun to chew on.

His Jumperoo!!!!
Goofy faces and funny noises
Watching us eat
Chewing on everything- especially his feet
Rolling from back to belly
Swinging in the swing
Taking walks in his Carriers and Stroller
Bath time

Having socks on his feet
Going to sleep
Teeth coming in
Things being taken away

I am so grateful that I have been able to spend everyday for the last 5 months with this little man! I can not wait to see what changes this month will bring!

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