November 7, 2012

Finding a park- a fail and a success

 Moving is hard. I should know... I have moved around a lot the past few years of my life. From Cincinnati to New York to Michigan and then to New Hampshire. Each time it's exciting to start new but a struggle to find friends, doctors and get life established. I'm happy to report we are starting year number two here in NH. YAY! That being said, with flying, pregnancy sickness and travel there are still a lot of things I am having to find a year into living here. One major thing I was missing was a favorite "park" or outside area. In NYC I loved going into Central Park for a run, rollerblade or just sit in the grass and enjoy the afternoon. I anticipate it's going to be even more important to me this coming year when I  have a little boy to hang out with and entertain.

I decided to take an afternoon and explore a little bit of my area. I came upon Pulpit Rock Conservation Area. I read it had three miles of walking trails. Awesome! When I got to the parking lot, I discovered I was the only car there.

 I checked the map to see which trail I wanted to take and started out. Just a few minutes in, I discovered the trails weren't really paved walkways but rocky trails through the trees marked by color arrows to keep you on the trail. This was much more hiking and less park than I was looking for. Definitely a nice place for a relaxed hike (a little strenuous when pregnant) but not a place for a run or a stroller.

The scenery was gorgeous and it was another beautiful afternoon so I took advantage of the walk for a nice workout. 

While it was a nice hike, it was a fail in my books. Maybe I can enjoy this hike once we have a walking kid on our hands... 

A few days later I tried again at a park a bit farther away in Nashua- Mine Falls Park. The park was fairly big and I read of a few different places to park and enter. The parking lot had quite a few cars in it and a lot of people on the trails. It was a beautiful day and I had a great time walking around the paved, flat trails. Lots of runners and families walking with strollers- much more of what I was looking for. I didn't explore the whole park but I also didn't see a huge grass area to sit and play... something to still look for. 

Anyone familiar with NH parks and have any suggestions on where I should look next? 


Emom said...

naiBeautiful images, thank you for sharing them....smiles

CourtneyLove said...

I love the images of the light in the leaves. Looked like a gorgeous day and what a beautiful walk!