October 16, 2012

31 weeks

So September flew by... literally I have no idea where it went to and I just realized we are halfway through October people!!! This is insane. I guess the fact that I have been super busy with life had something to do with. The past few weeks followed like this-

Work, Week in Cincinnati to visit/my two baby showers, back to work, MOVE, work again, long weekend in South Carolina for my friends wedding, back to unpack boxes and work again. Yikes!

I'll get to all the fun things soon enough (and yes I am totally ok with being months behind on my blog. I've learned to let go right now) so here's a recap of where I am at with the pregnancy! :)

I have not only entered into my third trimester but also officially popped. No longer do people wonder if I have a belly or I am pregnant... I think it is pretty obvious. My energy levels have been pretty good and I only feel really tired when I do to much in a day. (I'm looking at you moving day and my 12 hour work days)  I'm trying to get better at scaling back just a bit since my body has no problems showing me how I can't keep up like I used to anymore.

I feel our little boy move and shake my belly everyday now. It's amazing to read each week how he is growing... I can't believe I have something so big hanging out inside of me. It's getting harder to get up off the ground and to stand up from the couch and chairs. Sometimes I get a cramping feeling when I get up too quickly which my doctor said was round ligament pain. No Braxton Hicks contractions here yet!

I am still wearing my wedding rings and I haven't swelled much at all. I started taking prenatal yoga last month... it's a six week class and I already wish it was longer! I haven't been craving too many things lately but I have been hungry... I think I am going to gain the bulk of my weight in this last trimester. :)

This week we are finally going to purchase a lot of the things for baby that we still need and hopefully I can get the nursery started... I have an insane nesting urge going on right now and I really want to run with it incase it goes away.

Anyways, off to enjoy the beautiful fall days while they are still around!

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