August 31, 2012

South Korea Wedding

Our next day in Korea was an exciting one. :) Jason and Hye's Wedding. It was a beautiful day out as they became husband and wife. We were all so happy to see how excited they were to be married. Hye looked beautiful in her white dress! They had their ceremony as we all had lunch and took it in. They had a translator that stood next to Jason for part of the ceremony so he knew what was being said and going on. It was very neat to see how they put on a wedding in another part of the world since I've really only experienced the weddings of my friends and family which are pretty similar.

With the happy looking groom before the ceremony! Jason's family couldn't make it all the way to Korea, so we were stepping in as his "family" for the day.

The beautiful bride and her father!!! Have I mentioned how much I love weddings? They are such a happy time.

They said their vows in English which was nice for us because we understood what was being said.

Jason and Hye went to change into traditional Korean outfits and then came back and took lots of photos. Family, friends, us... Then it was time to cut the cake! We all watched them cut it and then they took it away. I never even got a slice... not a tradition we share in the US! haha.

The married men of the group! Our friend David is next... :)

After the wedding was over (nope, no reception or dancing) we all hung out for a bit while Jason and Hye had lunch (they also didn't get to eat the food at their wedding... again different from ours). I took a nap as I was exhausted and we were still trying to hide my pregnancy from everyone until we had our first appointment. (We were unsuccessful as they all told us later they knew- most likely because I only drank water that night. haha.) Later that night we had dinner and went out to celebrate our friends marriage! It was a great way to end our fantastic trip to Korea!

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