July 5, 2012

Begining of our adventure... Iceland part 1!

So back in April... (yes April- I know I am worlds behind on my blog!) we had planned to meet Geoff's brother Geo and Millie in Iceland. They were on the tail end of a long vacation and we were just starting ours. :) Iceland is just a quick 6 hour flight from Boston so we arrived bright and early in the morning.
Our hotel in town was wonderful and let us check in wayyyy early. So to burn some time we headed out for some food and then a walk around the town.

It was finally warming up in Boston but it was pretty cold in Iceland. We finished up our waiting for Geo and Millie to get there with some hot drinks from across the street and then headed our for dinner.

Our first day all together in Iceland we had an all day tour planned. It took us from downtown to see a lot of the "sites" of Iceland. Waterfalls, snow capped mountains, Icelandic horses and Geysirs. Our tour guide was funny and very informative. We really learned a lot about this beautiful and different island.

We got to the larger waterfall and it was so cold that it started rain/snowing. I could barely snap a few photos I was shaking so hard. We finally ran inside for some hot hot soup.
Next we headed to the Geysir's.

I found these amazing (and expensive) wool hats. We tried to get the guys to get them- aren't they amazing???

We had one more stop of beautiful scenery before the day was over and we headed back towards town for dinner.

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What FUN!....smiles