January 30, 2012

Project 52

I saw this on another blog (whatkellysaid) and thought it would be really really fun to do. I am a total list maker... ahem, addict. It's something about the way my brain works... I need to have goals to finish or I will spend a whole hour or day doing nothing at all. I tried something like this before but kinda fell out of it after a few months. With Project 52, any task that is not completed my the end of the year you donate $5 to your favorite charity. Awesome! I'm going to say it right now that since my Aunt and one of my best friends Mom's are fighting with Breast Cancer right now... that is where my $ will be going. :) (unless I finish them all which in that case I will donate to celebrate!)

So... here I go!

1. Put away money each month first before paying bills or having fun!

2. Finish super organizing the apartment.

3. Get rid of all the "stuff" we just dont know what to do with.

4. Find a church here in NH.

5. Be better about praying.

6. Go on a roadtrip to Montreal.

7. Go to Iceland in April (planning- really hope this one works out)

8. Research Bali for our honeymoon in May- book flights and hotels

9. Enjoy our Honeymoon and appreciate our time together.

10. Snag another San Francisco overnight and go to Alcatraz

11. Be better remembering people's birthdays.

12. Help plan a Brown family vacation this year (most likely visiting me!)

13. Cook at least one new recipe a month.

14. Bake at least one new treat a month.

15. Find a dentist and new dermatologist here in NH.

16. Hike in the mountains

17. Take more photos with my camera

18. Pick a race to run in 2012 and do it. :)

19. Try at least 5 different classes at my gym

20. Go to one sporting event here in NH or Boston

21. Head to yoga at Least twice a month.

22. Make a plan of action for buying a house in the future.

23. Head to Ohio for a long weekend with friends and family

24. Explore Portsmouth, NH

25. Go on the Sam Adam's Brewery tour in Boston

26. paint my nails more often.

27. Buy myself fresh flowers more often.

28. Be kinder to myself and not get so disappointed when I'm not perfect.

29. Update my website for my photo business and add more sessions to it.

30. Bake a bomb ass cake for Geoff's birthday in Feb.

31. Plan a ski day in NH

32. Volunteer at least once this year.

33. Hang out with someone new/ make new friends in my new area.

34. Get into good enough shape where I feel great in a bikini

35. Cut down on my sugar intake

36. Do something fun for our first anniversary

37. Be more tolerable of people at work (even when they are rude)

38. Get old junk out of closet in my parents house.

39. Study more photography.

40. Eat more veggies on the road

41. Be better about calling friends more often!!! Don't let life get in the way.

42. Be more social.

43. Read at least 6 books this year, 2 classics.

44. Do not impulse buy as much. (Esp at Target)

45. Remember to take my vitamins

46. Get a massage

47. Make wedding photo books for the Mom's as a Thank you.

48. Overhaul my photo back ups and get everything organized.

49. Finish changing my last name on everything.

50. Getting my wedding dress cleaned and preserved. should have done this already! yikes.

51. Get outside more often!

52. Donate $5 for every item not completed!

Feel free to join in the fun and link up your list along with your comment. :)

1 comment:

Dave Diamond said...

I love this idea! I'm sure I could come up with 52 things I really need to do.

I wish I could remember where I read about an incentive based on opposite giving -- essentially giving money to a charity or cause you're *against* so it would be awful to have to do that if you didn't achieve your goal.

Anyway, good luck with your goals! I can't help with anything churchy, but my dentist is in the town next to mine right across the border from your town. Let me know if you'd like the details.