December 4, 2011

i love san diego!

(First if you are reading this and you are "Cricket" please email me to get your giveaway necklace... )

I love the West Coast!
I found these photos from my last overnight in San Diego. It was a beautiful day out and I spent it walking around Balboa Park. :)

I had such a good time walking around with just my camera taking photos of the flowers, cactus and the buildings. If I didn't need to sneak in dinner and a nap before my red eye home I would have made time to hit up the zoo as well... 

I would love to know some suggestions anyone has for my next time in the San Diego neighborhood... please remember that we stay downtown and I usually only have a day there. :)

December has already started and yesterday I just realized how busy I am this month... I guess I thought I had more time before the holidays. This year has swept by and it looks like the last month is going to be no different... tomorrow Geoff and I are flying to Aruba for a mini honeymoon (real deal is in May... I can not wait). :)

Happy December everyone, try and take it all in as we wind down 2011!!!


Simply Life said...

gorgeous photos- those flowers are beautiful!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love this..I so need to go to the West coast!