September 21, 2011

Henry Ford Museum= Detroit fun.

A few weeks ago we had our second engagement shoot with our photographer for the wedding. It was included in our package and a great way to get comfortable around each other. It was hard to decide on a place in Michigan since we still don't know the surrounding areas too well. (Blame it on being gone from home a lot!) Well, I should say it was hard until we mentioned travel and ended up picking the Henry Ford Museum!!! With lots of planes, trains and automobiles it was a very fun place to explore for the afternoon.

We had some time to explore after the shoot was finished and I have to say we had a real fun time. :) If you ever find yourself in Detroit and want to learn a little history about the Motor City... just head on over the the Henry Ford Museum. We spent most of our time in the Hero's of the Sky exhibit looking at the airplanes. (Joys of marrying a pilot, right... haha)

(They had a section where you could make different paper airplanes and then see which design flew the best. Even though Geoff designed the planes... I flew them better! haha)


Runblondie26 said...

What a perfect venue! I bet the pro pictures look spectacular.

scott davidson said...

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