June 19, 2011

New company... new layovers

I'm not sure if I have officially announced my love for my new job. If not, I am here to say that I LOVE it! :) In May I was lucky enough to snag a line and escape the daily unknown of reserve. Some people love the thrill of not knowing where they are heading each day... me? I am a planner... I like to know.

I started the month with exciting destinations such as Buffalo, NY and ended the month sneaking into places like San Juan, PR... San Deigo, CA and San Francisco, CA. Imagine my excitement since I had never been to any of those cities. Awesomeness!

On my first 24 hour overnight in San Diego I went walking... through downtown Gaslamp Quarters and along the waterfront. I ended up at Seaport Village which is a really cute area by the water with lots of quirky little shops and eateries. I had lunch outside and enjoyed the beautifully perfect weather. I had to force myself back to the hotel for a nap in the afternoon since I was working the redeye back to Boston and then commuting home after that. (I was Tiiiiiiired!) I got up and went for a nice long run along the water! I swear if I lived in weather like that I would run outside every chance I could get. Then it was time to get back and ready for work. Luckily for me there was a Starbucks by the hotel and some really really good authentic Tacos!

I am determined to get back to San Diego as soon as I can (which may take a while since I know I'm not the only one...) but until then - Give me your suggestions on what to do the next time I'm in San Diego! (Can you believe they call this work???)


Suzanne said...

Is that the U.S.S. Midway in the third photo? My father served on that ship and I'm determined to get out to San Diego to see it.

I'm so happy that you love the new job.

Runblondie26 said...

lad your liking the new job. Yay for getting off reserve!

I heart San Diego too. That's a sweet layover.

Our friend Elijah lives there and commutes to the east coast every week, since he can't bring himself to leave SD. I have no idea how he does it. Here's a link to his blog with a bunch of reviews of things to do in the area.

stephen said...

I was out in San Diego for an RAA conference last year. If you were walking up from the village, just past the carrier is a ferry that runs over to Coronado. It's a great trip and Coronado is a lovely little city. And coming back, you get a great view of the San Diego skyline.

Also, did you happen to stop in the tile shop at the village? They had a lot of fun tiles that you could use for all different sorts of thing.

Anonymous said...

See, this is where we want to move! Beautiful pictures. I haven’t even seen this area yet and love it even more. Thanks! I’ll tell my husband later that I am ready to go.