May 18, 2011

Last Day of Hong Kong

For our last full day in Hong Kong we decided to take it kinda easy and hit one of the larger markets- Stanley Market. Getting there was really fun! We took a ferry across to the Hong Kong side and caught a bus to Stanley Market. The buses they have on this route are double decker buses so we got a seat up top in the front row to get some good views along the way. I decided it was too stressful to try and take photos since there were trees blocking my view half the time so instead I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. All I can say is that it was a really pretty trip and gave us some views of the area we didn't have before.  

The market was huge and pretty amazing. Of course it had tons of "tourist stalls". Most of them have a lot of similar things for sale which gives you time to work on your bargaining for the best prices. We were able to pick up a few goodies for presents, some pillow covers for our couch and two paintings of Hong Kong which I swooned over and they only cost us $25 for BOTH. (I'm pretty sure I could of gotten them for even less if I hadn't been so in love with them....)

After walking around the market and down by the water for a few hours we headed back into town for dinner. We decided to go for Shanghai style food for our last night which was good and gave Joe's Shanghai in NYC a run for the money (We still thought Joe's Shanghai was better.... imagine that.)

We were really lucky to have a hotel with free internet because that night we were able to look up our flight that was departing early in the morning and found out it was delayed ALL day. We decided to sleep in a while and head to Dim Sum again one last time before heading to the airport. We walked back to the Dim Sum restaurant we had eaten at a few days earlier since it was so good and really reasonably priced. 

Once we were done stuffing our faces, we headed back to the airport where we still had plenty of time to kill before the flight. We walked all over that place checking out all the aircraft and different airlines that came in and out of Hong Kong. Geoff loved it!
We were lucky enough to have Business Elite Seats open for our flight home... there is nothing quite like traveling in style. (or comfort... check out that leg room.) We were happy to have a direct flight back home to Detroit but I really enjoyed all of my time in Hong Kong. It was a beautiful city with nice people and really good food. All in all a fantastic trip! 

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Runblondie26 said...

What an amazing trip you two had!

That's awesome you has business elite seating. I can't imagine flying that far any other way. Delta has one of the better non-rev programa.

That's going to be hard to top :) Have you decided what type of crazy you're taking together next?