August 1, 2010

Museum of Natural History- NYC

We finally did it! This was pretty much the top thing Geoff and I wanted to do before leaving NYC (Yes, I know, we are DORKS! I'm OK with that fact)... we went to the Museum of Natural History! YAY.
(Isn't the stop from the subway so cute?!? You can access the museum straight off the B subway)

We had a lot of fun in this museum, 4 floors and a few hours of exploration and we pretty much covered the majority of it. We opted to splurge for the planetarium show 'Journey to the Stars' to start our day, which was very cool, before heading to the Dinosaurs exhibit and working our way down.

I really think this is a 'must see' for anyone coming to New York (especially with kids). It's just a really fun way to spend the day and you get a lot of exercise from walking around. :)
Here are our photos from the day-

Geoff was really excited that they had a dinosaur named after Edmonton (his hometown in Canada). I wanted to know where the "Cincinnatisaurus" was! Didn't anyone ever find dinosaurs in Ohio??? (haha)

Entry is $16 but they also take whatever 'donation' you can afford. I hear that if you come for the last hour you can also get in for free- but you will not get to see everything in one hour, the museum is much too big. (so maybe just head upstairs and check out the dinosaurs- best exhibit there!)

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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go there!!!How fun!