August 21, 2010

Flight Attendant overnights and FOOD

Ask a Flight Attendant what they do on an overnight and you will usually hear the basics- eat, sleep and workout. Not quite the glamorous world you imagined, right? A lot of what we do has to do with the location of our hotels in each city. My company tends to change our hotels often. Some have been really good (downtown or things to do nearby) and some not so good (by the airport with no restaurants or entertainment).

Don't get me wrong, I have had some real FUN overnights watching a basketball game in Lexington, the 4th of July Fireworks in DC, King street in Charleston, grabbing a few drinks in downtown Austin and hearing some good karaoke in Nashville to name a few. However, in reality, those aren't the everyday norm. Sometimes our overnights are just long enough to get in the basics.

Earlier this month, I had an overnight in Buffalo, NY. I had not stayed in this hotel before and was pretty amused by the decoration of my room. Pretty creative right?

Since the highlight of many overnights revolve around food, I love when overnights have something special to offer us. If you have been to Buffalo before, then you know that they do wings right... they are called Buffalo wings for that very reason. The Anchor Bar is where they started and the wings are delicious. However, the more people I talked to from Buffalo all said the same thing- that the wing's at Duff's were Better!
Duff's ended up being right down the road from our new hotel and of course, I had to go!

I have to say that the wings were GREAT! They were big and the sauce was hot and yummy. If you love wings, this is the place to go! :)


Postcards and Coasters said...

Funny I've been meaning to make it to the Anchor Bar... I'll try out Duff's instead.

I really need to start posting pictures of badly decorated hotel rooms. Some of them are so scary!

Anonymous said...

MMmmm! I love Buffalo! I use to live a few hours from there. Plus Niagra Falls is beautiful, and the canadian side is even better! :)

Skywaitress said...

Great. Another place I *must* go. My list gets longer and longer all the time.

I'm ok with that :)

Anonymous said...

I live for the food personally! :)

If you are ever in Buffalo again, I have two places that are fabulous. The first and foremost is Charlie the Butcher. OMG, I am spoiled for life. I won't even bother attempting a roast myself ever again. The slow roast huge beef roasts over night and then carve them right in front of you placing it on a wonderful hard roll topped with salt and kimiwick seeds. You can get a plain roll if you please. The sweet potato fries top it perfectly and my crews have never complained.

The other place is Andersons. You may have to sweet talk the van driver because it IS within the 5 mile radius and they do have the best frozen custard. Yum!

Take care and enjoy the food around you!

Kris said...

So, I've been thinking about becoming a flight attendant. I love traveling, I'm good with people, and I like serving others. This sounds like something I'd really like to do. When you stay at the hotels, are they booked by you or your job? Do you have to pay to stay at the hotel?

Also I LOVE the pictures you take. They're really awesome. :-)

The Friendly Skies said...

Kris, I would love to tell you all about being a Flight Attendant... email me if you want to talk and get more information. :)