August 17, 2010

Failed run and cupcakes

Ok, so I'm going to be honest here... I'm really good at getting my training runs in. However, sometimes a run just isn't meant to be. I've had them before and this one was no different.

I had a busy weekend planned. Apartment hunting in Detroit on Saturday, catching the evening flight to Seattle to visit with Geoff's family, flying home to New York on Tuesday and then back to work on Wednesday. I decided to move my long run (6 miles) to Friday. Normally, I would lace up, head into the city and get my miles in around Beautiful Central Park. Since we have this move coming soon, I decided to finally hit up another park I was looking to run in. It was between Riverside Park and Hudson River Park.

I chose to run Hudson River Park... and it was not such a good idea. I am not quite sure what I really expected from this run except a green pretty park, with great views of the Hudson. Instead what I got was a slab of concrete running along a road, occasionally the river, past graffiti, buildings and more buildings. There was also two different sides, one for "bikers and rollerbladers" and one for the runners/walkers. I ended up running on the bikers path because all the walkers pretty much meant tourists and good luck trying to really run weaving in and out of people.

I decided to start at the top of the park (59th street) and run until I reached Battery Park. I officially started my run in this park.

I was pretty happy as I passed the Intrepid!

I started to see less river and more this...

I passed a pretty tree covered pier and then it all fell apart after that.

To be completely honest, I will be shocked if I actually got 3 miles in. It's not that this park was really so horrible but for me, compared with Central Park (which is beautiful and a pleasure to run miles and miles in) it was boring and I was really struggling.

So, when I saw a street sign for Perry, I jumped off the Park trail and headed to see something else that was on my list to see before I left NYC.

I love Sex And The City. I had to look up where "Carrie's Stoop" was located. The article I read also gave SJP's address. (Pictured here) Not only is she a girl after my own heart, but also grew up in Cincinnati. (YAY Homegirl!) The address it gave was just around the corner and SJP (sorry for being a stalker) but if this is your brownstone.. I am one jealous girl! Gorgeous.

I recognized the stoop right away and I was glad to see that I wasn't the only sucker there taking photos. (There were about 5 other people when I got there).

Of course, as I left and tried to find my way back to the park to finish my run, I can across Magnolia Bakery. I caved, bought two cupcakes and ran to the subway so Geoff and I could eat them once I got home.

Sometimes a run just isn't meant to be. Mine was a HUGE Fail, however, the cupcakes were not. Delicious! :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you finished your run with cupcakes. Sometimes you just have to give in and admit that it's just not going to happen that day! :)

Novelista Barista said...

love it!! great idea!!! :) i live in ny and still have yet to do the sex & the city walk !

Skywaitress said...

Anything that includes Sex and the City AND cupcakes? Not a fail.

Postcards and Coasters said...

Great way to end a run... little Sex & the City and a Cupcake! I need a layover there!! Or I need to win the HGTV apartment give away there! :)