July 27, 2010


There are many reasons why people run (and we aren't talking about being chased here). It sounds weird, but for me, I relax when I run. I know, I originally started running in fear of gaining weight while flying. What I used to do because I felt I needed to, I now do because I want to. Growing up, I played a lot of sports. Softball, Soccer, Basketball... they were all 'supposed' to be fun except to me, they weren't. I was never the best at any sport and since these are team sports, I always put a lot of pressure on myself to not screw up and when I did screw up, I would feel horrible. That's not a fun way to enjoy something. Running for me is different. Yes, I know that I run in races and there is a winner involved... however, for me it's one place where I really have nothing to prove. To me, running isn't winning or loosing or first or last, it's a journey. I might have goals for myself but I would rather enjoy the whole experience of the run than worry about just the end. No one who comes to cheer me on or even run with me cares when I finish but more that I did.

I have officially started to train for my next race (and it really feels good to be back on a schedule). It's a 1/2 marathon in Banff, Alberta located in Canada in September and it is called Melissa's Road Race. I am very excited for this race! It's my first race in another country and the course views look spectacular. (Don't believe me? Check out the website and view last years photos... oh and did I mention this race has been sold out for weeks???).

This time training, I decided to work on speed since I will be running at a higher altitude. I'm hoping getting faster in training will in turn, help me run the course and not feel such a difference. Just in case you were curious what my training plan looks like-- here it is! (I'm doing my runs tentatively on Tuesday-Interval, Wednesday-Tempo and Saturdays-long runs)

Week 1-
T: 4x400 at 8:45 pace
W: 3 mile at 9:45 pace
S: 6 miles at 10:30 pace

Week 2-
T: 4x800 at 8:55 pace
W: 4 miles at 9:45 pace
S: 8 miles at 10:30 pace

Week 3-
T: 3x1600 at 9:15 pace
W: 5 miles at 9:45 pace
S: 10 miles at 10:30 pace

Week 4-
T: 6x400 (8:45)
W: 6 miles at 9:45 pace
S: 6 miles at 10:30

Week 5-
T: 3x1600 (9:15)
W: 4 miles 9:45
S: 10 miles at 10:30

Week 6-
T: 4x800 (8:55)
W: 8 miles 9:45
S: 8 miles 10:30

Week 7-
T: 6x400 (8:45)
W: 6 mile 9:45
S: 10 mile 10:30

Week 8-
T: 4x1600 (9:15)
W: 8 mile (9:45)
S: 12 mile 10:30

Week 9:
T: 3x800 (8:55)
W: 3 mile 9:45
S: 6 miles 10:30

Race week
T: 4x400 (8:45)
W: 2 mile at 9:45
REST before race!!!

Are any of you running a race in the fall???

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Dave Diamond said...

I was planning on running a half marathon this fall, but I've done something to my right knee... UGGH!