July 13, 2010

NYC eats- MEGU

I have wanted to blog about this for some time now and I finally have some time to get down to business... Ok lets talk food. New York City has some amazing eats. Now I grew up in Ohio and I am not trash talking our restaurants BUT the food here is a million times more exciting! Around every corner you have restaurants boasting food from countries ALL around the world. I can see why people who grew up here think they don't need to leave... Walk down the street or hop on the subway and you can go from street vendor hot dogs to Dim Sum to Italian, Indian and more. When Geoff's family was here we celebrated Mother's Day and the end of their visit at MEGU. We all decided to splurge and get the 8 course meal which was really good and ridiculously expensive. Besides having an amazing decor inside, complete with an ice sculpture Buddha, the food was amazing. Especially the Kobe Beef (If you don't know about Kobe beef, read up about it here.) and the crispy asparagus! YUM. If you are in the city and want to head out for a good meal make sure to check out Megu! :) (Here are a few photos from the evening)


joven said...

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Jill said...

NYC does have an amazing food selection! I still like the pizza the best :D