July 18, 2010

the end of our New York life

Have I told you all yet? We are moving.
I was.

Last year, my airline shifted a bunch of flying from Cincinnati to New York's JFK airport. They asked for volunteers to go, not many did, so they took the bottom of the seniority list and displaced us all to New York. The commute was awful so myself and 4 of my guy pilot friends all decided to move together. We found a great apartment in Queens and started our life in New York last October.
(my roomies... aren't they all so cute????)

A few weeks ago, we had another announcement. Our flying was shifting again but this time they were completely closing our New York base and opening a Detroit base. This all happens September 1st. Almost one year later.

Right now we are in the begining of another transition... planning for an up coming move, planing for a whole new work environment in DTW, figuring out where we are going to live, where I will be getting a crashpad or hotel for the month before we move, what kind of schedule I might hold and on and on. It's going to get real crazy real fast, What I do know is, I will not have these 4 guys as roommates for much longer.

So, along with me being grounded still (for my sprained wrist), we are trying to take every opportunity to enjoy this city we have come to love for the next few months. I am sure you will see a lot of post about NYC. Hopefully it is all good information you can use for your next visit. :)


Postcards and Coasters said...

Thats too bad. You'll be leaving when the weather starts to get nice.

That's so the life in the airline industry... the good news is you still have a job. :)

Look forward to more NY post.

Jes said...

I sort of know how you feel. Every few years the Army decides you need to be moved 1/2 way across the country. I get bitter and sad that I have to leave the awesome friends I've made and don't look forward to the new "city" I'll call home. Then I move there, fall in love with new friends and get comfortable in the new city and they say "ha ha, time to move again!" It's a vicious cycle. I hope you come to love DTW as much as NYC and if you have any questions about your new city, I may be able to help. I went to college about 30 miles from DTW and have quite a few friends still in the area. GOOD LUCK!

Brian said...

You clearly know better than I do, but it seems a big part of the allure of becoming a flight attendant is the adventure. If nothing else, this move will be an adventure. :) Enjoy the pizza while you can. My experience is limited, but Grimaldi's (at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge) is SUPERB!

Aditya said...

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Tom Seagraves said...

My wife is from Detroit and we have some good friends and relatives up there. If you need some advice on where to and where not to live we can help you with that. Just shoot me a message. Good luck with the move.

The Friendly Skies said...

Tom and Jess, I may hit you both up for some Detroit advice! It's always stressful to move to a new city. New York was easier since I had been based here for a while but I really know nothing about Detroit.

Brian, while I admit I love the adventure, I love the adventure of traveling. That doesn't spread into my home life. I would eventually like some stability in where I call home. :)
Oh and Grimaldi's is good, however I stood in line for over an hour in the freezing cold for their pizza and I am not sure it is that good.

Tom Seagraves said...

A job I used to have moved me 6 times in 5 years in 5 different states. We finally settled into our "home city" 5 years ago and we finally just moved into our own house. Enjoy the moving around while you can and eventually you will settle somewhere, and when you do you will appreciate it even more.