July 1, 2010

Look what I got in the mail...

So, it's no secret that I loooooove me some coffee! In fact, I worked in a Starbucks during college and that is where the love began. (I was a tea drinker before that, now I'm both)

So as a traveler, on the road a lot, it is sometimes hard to find a decent cup of coffee. Some airports have diddly and some hotel coffee is horrid... so once Starbucks came out with VIA, I was immediately in HEAVEN. I can have a decent cup of coffee ANYWHERE now. (And lets talk about how easy it is to carry with you!)

You can only imagine how Pumped I was when on Twitter "MyStarbucksIdea" (make sure you follow them) announced that they had come out with VIA Iced coffee and the first 80 people to comment on their website got a Free trail... I typed as quick as possible and barely got in at comment 76. Woo hoo!

Finally I recieved my trial in the mail...

Let me tell you... this does not dissapoint! It's already sweetened, so all you have to add is water, ice and milk or cream if you so desire. Just in time for the hot summer weather, I was faltering on a flight the other day and decided to give it a go and I was happily sipping along and felt wonderful.

So, if you are a iced coffee lover, make sure you give this a try! :)

(Starbucks has provided coffee or other promotional consideration)


SkyWaitress said...

Is it as good as "real" Starbucks? I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I've been afraid of trying it. There's just something about the idea of instant coffee I guess. It would be really great for the road though.

The Friendly Skies said...

I think it's pretty close. If I had the choice of Starbucks or VIA, I would head to the real thing. However, on the road, it's the best I've tried! I also use a flavored creamer with it just so i don't think about the instant fact. :)