July 8, 2010

Life on the ground..

This past week I have been grounded. Not able to fly all around the skies due to my sprained wrist. It's kinda weird to be home this much, not that I am complaining, sometimes it is nice to have a bit of a break. However, today I was in a funk. I'm feeling myself get restless. It's not being home that is getting me, it's not having anything to do (besides doctor visits and physical therapy). I first found myself wasting time. Then I got hard on myself and gave me a list of things to do... first was to clean up more space on my hard drive. (Too many photos!!!) They are all backed up in 3 places but I still had to get rid of lots of photos from the past few years to make room for more.

That is when I came across these... not sure if I have posted ANY of these before so I will post again in between new posts. :) So Enjoy!

St. Louis Overnight
So when it is raining, you are in St Louis for the first time... what should you do? Head to the top of the Arch of course!


Dave Diamond said...

I love that last arch shot, and the one with the umbrella

Isn't that elevator thing crazy?

Hope the wrist is better soon!

Emom said...

FUN! hope you heal soon...smiles

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I still have nightmares about the arch elevators! Too bad you were on the "wrong" side of the state! Next time you need to be grounded in KC!