June 8, 2010

Prague from above

I wanted to share a few more things from our trip in beautiful Prague! Just walking around the city, there are gorgeous buildings all around and you will come into contact with loads of signs for the best views from different lookout spots all around the city. There were so many, we really didn't know which ones to check out. We ended up choosing 2 but I'm sure they all would be great. The first place we decided to check out was Petrin Hill. We figured not only was it a hill overlooking the city, but it also had a "mini eiffel tower" at the top that you could climb up. The views did not disappoint!

We walked around to the Castle after Petrin Hill and found another spot that promised to be beautiful views as well so we decided to go up again. I am convinced that in Prague, anywhere that has views from above are sure not to disappoint! :)


Meekiyu said...

wow Prague looks beautiful... so quaint. It must've been hard to pick one place to view from. Glad you're having such an awesome time =D

Postcards and Coasters said...

Love all of your Prague pictures. Yours are so different from mine. I went in May and it was cloudy and rainy. I didn't realize that they actually got sun. :)

Blessing said...

This is beautiful dear! I love Prague!