June 9, 2010

The last of Prague!

The best part of traveling for me isn't just seeing the sights of the city... it is actually getting a feel for the way that people live in each place. This has always fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I really believe that your life is shaped in part by your surroundings. So, when I travel I love to walk around the city, try out the public transportation and sit in a cafe or pub and people watch- which is so easy to do all over Europe. So, we walked all over Prague, rode the subway, tram, vernicular, we drank coffee, we ate, we watched people... Here are some photos from it all.

While we were there, the Czech Republic hockey team won the hockey world title. They had a huge screen set up in the Square, Food, Beer and Cheers. The next day as we walked by their celebration, the Hockey Team actually came in by bus (they all stood on top and cheered) and gave speeches. Too cool. Some photos from the Hockey Celebrations.

Some night shots

Food is an important part of every culture! It is how people socialize with each other. I always loooove trying different foods in different places. Our first afternoon we stumbled upon all these booths set up with amazing sausages, chicken skewers and the best Ham ever! Sooo soo good. :)

First night we decided to go full Czech for our meal... Pork, Duck, Dumplings and Cabbage. YUM!

More good food... yum!

For dinner on our last evening we decided to head to a restaurant where we could try Pork Knee.

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