April 1, 2010

Amy's Senior Photos

My cousin came to NYC for a fun-filled and packed few days. We hit the streets as soon as she arrived taking in Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry for some free views of the Empire State Building, Little Italy, Central Park, Times Square, Shopping and we saw WICKED! To say the least, I was exhausted when it was all over. We made time in each day to have "mini" photo shoots for her senior photos for high school. The weather was a bit unpredictable (hot and super sunny to then raining off and on).

Can you imagine how hard it was for us to
1. Walk all over Manhattan in wind and rain to sites I wanted to shoot at and then...
2. Try and remain dry while still looking fresh and wonderful.
This was no walk in the park but I think the shots turned out great and Amy looks beautiful!

Oh and for the record, if you like Broadway shows and have not seen Wicked... you are seriously missing out. I am in love. It was beyond fantastic! I bought the soundtrack and spent my whooole 16 mile run last Saturday running Central Park listening to it. :)

Ok, here are some of the photos...

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