March 28, 2010

Senior Portraits

Well- 2010 is turning into one quick moving year!!! Along with flying around the skies many days and nights, we have already had a few visitors to NYC and the list is quickly getting longer and longer! My friend La came back last Friday evening and my cousin Amy arrived on Sunday. Amy is a senior in high school. I took her older sister Courtney's Senior Photos a few years ago. Back in the fall, we tried to get together for a weekend (I live in NY and she is in Indiana) but I could not get on any flights to make it. So, my Aunt decided that maybe she could come to me for a few days over her Spring Break. Perfect! Senior Photos in NYC.
I will go into the story about their visits later (maybe tonight) but I wanted to show a sneak peak photo while I try and get these ready for print in the next few days!


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Postcards and Coasters said...

Wow, that first pic is really cool.