February 13, 2010


Did everyone watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics the other night? I did! I was really lucky to be sitting on call and NOT called in. I totally thought I was going to miss it. So, what were your thoughts....?

Even though it was a little slow at parts, all the effects on the floor was amazing! I thought the creativity that went into it was unreal, especially when they got to the mountains and had all the skiers and snow boarders come down in the air. I also really liked the end, with the lighting of the Olympic torch and was pretty bummed that they had minor problems... however, I thought it still looked good with only 3 of the 4 working.

Dating a Canadian, I have to say that I will be hoping that both Canada and USA do very well this Olympics. I'm going to guess that we will be watching a lot of figure skating (my fav) And hockey (Geoff's fav).

Did you all catch the Red Gloves that everyone was wearing? I actually have a pair thanks to Geoff's brother. Last time we were in Seattle he totally hooked me up with a pair and I do have to say that not only are they super cute, but pretty warm as well.

Happy Olympic-ing everyone.

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Mademoiselle Deva said...

ohh I didn't see it! I live in Europe so that time I was sleeping but I saw pics! Are you into Olympics?? I'm not that much to be honest...