February 28, 2010

Lost my blogging mojo!

That's right, it seems my blogging mojo has been on a slight vacation these past few months. It might be all the flying I have been doing, it could be the cold weather and snow... all that SNOW that we have been getting and getting and getting here in the NorthEast...

Or it could be all the training for the Marathon I signed up for in May. I'm used to running a certain amount each week and training for the 1/2 marathon last year I didn't really notice big changes in my body but this is intense! I'm at over 20 miles weekly and my long run yesterday hit 11miles. I can tell a HUGE difference this time, I definitely need more food and more sleep to recover from these runs.

Anyways, I don't have many good flying stories today (which is ok, because no stories=no drama!)
I do have something super exciting that I wanted to share with you all!

I have a Photography degree, so you can imagine how many photos I take on vacations... A year and 1/2 ago I went to China on a long 2 week trip with my best friend and her parents. So we took well over 5,000 photos in those 2 weeks. I put my top photos online to share with friends and family, all 800 of them. They (and myself) were so overwhelmed that no one really got through them all. So there they sat. Do you know how sad that made me? All those wonderful photos not being looked at? So, I printed a few off and then I didn't know what to do with the rest.

Then I came upon Blurb. You can download their free software and customize your own book. You pick out the size, what type, how many pages, how many photos on each page. I was so excited, I decided to make my own "Coffee Table Book". 2 and 1/2 months later, I just received it in the mail and I LOVE it! Since a lot of you, my readers, are fellow Flight attendants or world travelers- I wanted to share a few photos of it for you just in case there was someone else out there wondering what to do with their photos. Enjoy!


Jes said...

The photo book is awesome...I'll have to remember that after our 3 years of living in Japan...that would be something really cool to have to look back on our time there =) Thanks for sharing this!

Dave Diamond said...

keep up the good work on the training -- you're doing great!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I love photobooks! I'm more familiar with MyPublisher, but I will have to check out Blurb next time I need one.