August 3, 2009

a 1 to 2 to 4 day trip

So I started out commuting up for two days... seems we are understaffed and now I am here for 4 days... and who forgot their cell phone charger??? How did this even happen to me?

I'm hoping the hotel tomorrow night has one for me to use. Burlington didn't have any that fit my cellphone however the girl at the front desk let me borrow hers for an hour.

Am I the only one who has done this?
What is the worst thing you have forgotten on a trip???


The Flying Pinto said...

HA! I just forgot my computer charger on my last trip...1st overnight of a 3 day! I had planned on blogging the whole next layover...ughhh! Computer dead by the time I got there! Luckily I have one at home...they're holding it at the hotel until I go back...I'm too cheap to pay the FedEx charge;-)

The Flying Pinto said...

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The Lysser said...

I left my pj's in ATL, first night of a three day; I sure missed them when I got to the next hotel. I've also left my shampoo and face wash in the shower in DUB twice. Good thing I travel in 3 oz or less!