July 29, 2009

Finding an apartment in NYC

Ok, I need help. If anyone who read my blog remembers back in April I was asking where I should move to.... NYC or Florida, we threw around DC in the mix as well.

Basically (to catch everyone up) my job is in New York. Before I go on a trip I fly up (if there are any seats not bought) to JFK and then when I get off work I have to jump on a flight back home. Right now we are living in Cincinnati. I have been based in JFK 2 times before this. I have a crashpad which is a house or apartment that basically works as a glorified college dorm for airline employees. Right now I am in a small apartment with 7 other Flight attendants. I have been in a house with 40 other people before.

This has worked out for me in the past but this time when I got sent to NYC, its a bit different. A lot of my airlines flying was shifted to New York, thus a loooooot of employees were moved. With the reduction of flights due to bad economy, swine flu scares and people stay-cationing... it has been really hard to get to and from work and it is only going to get harder.

We really looked into moving to Florida- me and a few airline friends- because it would be an affordable place to live, with good weather and there are a lot of flights and airlines that go back and forth. Thus, the commute would be easier. We got delayed a few months but our tenative move date is in September now.

It seemed we were heading to Florida until this past month. The commute has been extremely tiring, draining, frustrating on everyone involved. After it took me 24 hours to get home one day and it took Geoff a full night without sleep, we decided to just look for a 1 or 2 bedroom in NYC.

Now, I am asking anyone who has advice for me, any help at all- please tell me any tidbits on how you find a place in New York. We started looking and I am very overwhelmed.

We pretty much decided to look in Queens around Kew Gardens area and in Brooklyn. It's getting down to crunch time and I am getting pretty nervous about the whole thing. Thanks to anyone who can help us!!! :)


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh. So jealous. I can offer no help, but living in NYC!! That's awesome...and a secret dream of mine that will most defintly never happen!

The Novelista Barista said...

ohhh yah its really expensive..... ur best bet would be looking on craigslist.org bc they have pictures
good luck!!!

Meekiyu said...

Yeah apartments are fairly expensive =/ ... though with the decline in the market there have some nice affordable ones opening up... craiglist is a good place and try looking at the local newspapers too like ny times or daily news or those free newspapers AM news and Metro I think... =o

Anonymous said...

Kew Gardens is well located for JFK. Other nice areas include Jamaica Estates and Forest Hills. Good luck. Hope you can be near a park to run. Also laundry in the bulding is a must. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Expensive, but oh so fun! This is a good site for rentals. No fees because the listings are done by the building owners. We used it when our daughter got based there!
Good luck in your search!


Dallas Shaw said...

looking fwd to see what you find - i am there all of the time time foe meetings but don't live there

The Friendly Skies said...

thanks to everyone for all your help!!! We are looking right now but will let you all know what we figure out.