July 7, 2009

Thank you Mr. Jet Blue

My first flight of the day today was Pittsburgh to JFK and we were full. I greeted 50 passengers into my sleepy little plane this morning at 20 till 6am. One of these passengers happened to be my Mr. Jet Blue. A pilot, commuting to work, jumpseating and able to snag a seat at 4D.
I have to tell you all- I love Jet Blue! They are the most wonderful airline to commute on. I would be in heaven if Jet Blue flew to Cincinnati. They are always nice to me, try very hard to get us on and have some yummy snacks. They use my airline a lot as well to get to and from work... and they usually stay to help me "tidy up" the cabin.
Anyways... I close the door, do the demos, dim the lights and as we taxi to the runway I pull out my jumpseat... only there is a small problem- it wont latch. I tried a second, third and forth time all different angles... one a hard slam, one a soft, one I pull up on the seat, the other I push down... nothing...
I hear the engines start up. I have that feeling in the bottom of my stomach that I am actually going to have to call up and tell my crew how I can't get my seat out... how embarassing. That is until Mr. Jet Blue comes to my rescue! I look from the front to him in despair as he has been watching me struggle the whole time. I sweetly ask if I could borrow is big muscles to give it a try for me before I go for the amusement park style and just hold on during take off.
Up he jumps, pumps his arms and WHAM... into place my seat goes. I smiled, thanked him, gave him extra cookies and hoped it was a long time before I had to fly on this aircraft again!

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