July 5, 2009

Large coffee milk and sugar please

Ok, so I don't know if I have admitted this to my blogging world yet but, I looooove coffee! I started drinking coffee in college when I worked at Starbucks. Early mornings were never my thing so a 5 am shift before classes, with free coffee... well you do the math... an obsession was born.

So, on the way home from Seattle Geoff and I decided to take the Red Eye to JFK and the first flight out back to Cincinnati. A pain, but it was way more open than the direct in the morning... (and if it looks good, you don't think think you just do.) We actually got to sit next to each other so I slept for a bit with my head on his shoulder. When we got into JFK, we headed down to the crew lounge to check out the flight back to Cincinnati.
Outside of our crew lounge is a Dunkin Donuts... now I am mainly a Starbucks girl. I worked there, they gave me health insurance, I won a nice Weber grill from them, i feel loyal. That being said when it comes to coffee in New York or Boston- I got for Dunkin Donuts all the time. Seriously... it does not taste like that back in Ohio! We stood in line and I was telling Geoff (soon to be based in JFK) how much I loved the morning girls who work at my Dunkins.
"They take care of me in the morning... they know how I like my coffee..."
Blank stare
"I don't even have to tell them anymore... I walk up and they say- Large coffee, milk and sugar? Isn't that amazing?"
Eye Rolling...

Now, they know my in uniform but this time I was there in jeans and a t shirt. Geoff orders for both of us and asks for the Crew discount. She's looks at him and points at me.
"Her, I know! You... I do not know!"

Amazing! I turned to him smiling... "See! I told you they take care of me here!"


Deva84 said...

OMG I'm coffee addicted! I love coffee, specialy a big latte, can be even vanilia latte. I cannot start a day woithout my home made latte. It just builds my day.

The Lysser said...

The Dunks lady in my airport only knows me too... she's so nice but my girlish figure would appreciate it if she stopped giving me free munchins!