July 20, 2009

Edmonton, CA

I feel like I have been really quiet in the blogging world lately. Commuting takes a lot out of me on my days at work, being on reserve gives me a lot of back to back 13 hour days and on my days off, I have been trying to take advantage of some sun and pool time. All that together leaves me pretty boring!

However, this past weekend Geoff took me back home to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. :) We left on Thursday bright and early in the morning, connected through MSP and made it to Edmonton. (I even got First class on the way there because Geoff gave up his seat so I could have it... nice huh?) We took a bus from the airport into downtown and grabbed a cup of coffee while we waited for his brother Adel to pick us up.

(I love Tim Horton's coffee in Canada... you know how every place you order coffee in a different way? We'll in Canada I like a double double!)
Adel picked us up and we headed back to their house to meet his Mom and play with the two nephews Ezra and Everett. I should of taken a photo of the giant lobsters that he made for all of us for dinner! They were delicious!!!

This weekend they had the start of the Capital X Exhibition, basically a huge fair! So, the next morning we headed downtown for the parade. Adel and Chantel were working so we took the boys with us. We stopped off first at the pancake breakfast and had some food...

Afterwards we walked over to grab a spot for the parade.
Ezra loved pushing Everett around in his stroller- how cute are they!?!?!

The parade was pretty fun. Ezra loved the helicopter and the F-18's flyover...

We took a break in the library and Ezra knew just where to take us, to the Children's section with the computers. He is so cute, at home he goes downstairs to "check email" and knows how to turn on the computer and play games. haha.

Downtown Edmonton was really cute! Here is the Capital building

Right in front of the building they have a pool and fountains that everyone can play in to cool off in the summer. Being Canada, I thought it was going to be cooler than at home. I was very wrong! It was close to 30C and hot!!!

That evening we all went out for dinner at an Ethopian restaurant and then went back for an Ice Cream Cake for Geoff's moms Birthday!

We all went to bed early to get ready for a day at the fair. (Here is Everett and his bus. He is so cute- he loooooves buses!!!)

Friday was out day at the Fair!!! It was full of fun and food... Enjoy!

We were there alllll day and even saw the fireworks at the end of the night. :)

Saturday morning we got up and went for Dim Sum. Yummy! Stuffed to the brim, we stopped and got some Starbucks and headed on to West Edmonton Mall- used to be the largest mall in the world. It definitely beats the Mall of America in Minnesota! It has tons inside of the mall, stores, movie theatre, hotel, chapel, ice skating rink, water park, Chinatown...

That evening we decided to cookout after the mall so i could have some yummy Alberta beef. It started storming with hail and all so after dinner we all hung out for a while until we had to head back and get some sleep before leaving early in the morning for our flights home.

After the kids went to bed, Chantel, Geoff's mom and I watched the finale of Canada's Next Top Model which was fun because i watch ANTM here in the states all the time. :)

It was a really fun trip and now I know a bit more about Edmonton and where Geoff grew up!

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Aweee looks like u guys had a great time!!!!