July 24, 2009

Dear Canada...

Dear Canada...

Why o why canada did you have to be so mean to me at customs yesterday. What was so wrong with my apple that you had to take it from me. Did you not understand that I was on reserve? I didn't know I was going to Canada until I checked in for my ready reserve. I did not know I would be walking the ground of your country when I went to the grocery store and packed my food bag full of yummy and healthy foods. I certainly didn't think it would be for the first overnight of my trip.
Why did you allow all the oranges and grapes in... but took offense at my apples? With the state of the US and the obesity problems, wouldn't it be much better to take my Milano cookies from me but leave me my fruit? As I ate my Canadian apple from the hotel I wallowed in the fact that it barely lived up to the expectation of my dearly departed Granny Smith. Next time I am forcefully sent to you, please be a little nicer to this flight attendant just trying to save some money and eat healthy.

On a side note, on the way back to the states this morning I got my first drawing from a passenger. :) She gave one to me and one to the pilots! So cute! (I will post how cute it is once I have my camera back. It is taking a side trip with my parents to West Virginia.)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Aww. I remember the first picture a little girl drew for me. I hung on my refrigerator for years!